Keyword Density On Your Website

The keyword density is an indicator of the amount of times a specific keyword appears in page of your website. Keywords however, should also not be over used, although there should be a sufficient number of keywords appearing on the page and especially in the headers. When adding website keywords, pay attention to how many times they are repeated within your text copy and this is known as the keyword density.

Keyword Density Is The Percentage Of Keywords

The keyword density is the percentage of a keyword or phrase which appears on a website page compared to the total amount of words on the web page. In the context of SEO, the density of keywords can be used in determining whether the web page is relevant to specified keywords or any particular keyword phrases. If you repeat your target keywords within the content, then your site will most likely be rejected by search engines and could be seen as unnatural.

Steps To Check Your Website Page Keyword Density

The keyword density is always expressed as the total percentage of your key words within the content on any given page. For example, if you have 500 words on your web page, and you use any particular keyword ten times in the content. The density of specific keywords on that page is found by simply dividing the total number of your keywords, by the total number of words that appear on your web page.

The accepted standard for density of keywords is between 3% and 5% for your page to be accepted by search engines. This rule also applies to every page on your website, it also applies to all keywords that relates to your products or services and the keyword density should be between 3% and 5%.

By working with the total word count on the page and the total amount of keywords you can now calculate the keyword density, and you can also check the density of keywords with this Free Tool.

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