Learn From The Bounce Rate And Decrease It

You can learn a lot from a websites Bounce Rate, which is a common term that is tossed around by website analysts that many business owners might not understand. If you are looking at the amount of traffic that your website has, learning about bounce rate, the importance of it over your site and finding ways to decrease it can be a good idea.

What Is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate can be simply defined as the percentage of your website visitors who go to the site, but don’t go to any other part of it. The page that they entered the site through is the only one that they saw and chose to leave without looking at anything else. Think of it as people who window shop, or maybe come into the front of the store but never go further than a few feet from the door scanning for any interest.

Is The Bounce Rate Important?

A lot of people mistake bounce rate to be a bad thing, and it can be if you look at it. It can be a good indicator that something is wrong with your website, whether it’s appearance, navigation, information, etc and that is keeping visitors from staying. The bounce rate shows if your site is or isn’t retaining its visitors. It can be used as a tool to gauge if you need to make adjustments of if something is wrong with your site.

How Can You Decrease Bounce Rate?

The easiest way to improve your bounce rate is to lower it by finding the entry page and why people are leaving so quickly. You can usually look at where on your website that these visitors are entering and leaving from. Is there anything wrong with the page, either in terms of content or accessibility? It might not be visually appealing, slow to load, or the information may be way out of date. You might not notice that something is wrong right away so it’s a good idea to ask others to check it out—think employees, friends, and family—in order to get another perspective. Also, try accessing the site on different browsers and devices to see if it’s an issue of function that is driving people away. There may even be issues with how your site appears in search results which pays to monitor, and here’s some tips in which can Increase Returning Traffic To Your Website.

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