Submit Your Website To Search Engines

If you have a website, then you will want to submit your website to search engines. For a web-based business, or if business is done through your website, then the best advertising and marketing avenue you can consider is by submitting it to the search engines. Although the press releases, newspaper ad, radio ad, banner ad, emails and newsletters maybe effective in a some proportion, the free traffic you can gain from search engines is why anyone would want to follow through with search engine submissions.

You must also beware of some companies that promise an automatic submission service, as the best way to submit your website for search engine inclusion and ranking is to submit your website yourself or to hire experts who will to do it manually with an email address that you provide which is directly adjoined to your domain which is to be submitted. It is best to approach search engine companies and website directories with an email account which is affiliated with your website, and when hiring a professional to do the work, they are submitting on your behalf and is therefore good practice to provide them with one.

Before you start to submit your website to search engines, you want to ensure your website is more or less complete, with the right key words, accompanying graphics and pictures with the relevant content. You do not want to submit your website if it is not complete, and when submitting to any one search engine, make sure to have the information or description of your website, the keywords if you decide to use them, and any other information that may be pertinent to the submission process. For many submissions an account will need to be created, and more often than not, this also includes the name and contact information of you or your business.

Submit Your Website To Search Engines With Sitemap

It is important to note, that the submission to individual search engines does not always guarantee your website will be listed immediately or that the ranking will be high. There are thousands of new websites being produced every day, and it may also take some time for your site to show if at first it needs to be reviewed by human editors. Many of the major search engines however, use the meta tag option which you need to add firstly in the head section of your website and once they’ve verified the site you can then continue on to submit the sitemap and individual pages too if the option is there. The important factor to remember when submitting your website is to include the sitemap.xml file for your website, which makes the crawling process easy for the search engine robots. Some search engines may not entirely consider website submissions without their accompanying sitemap.xml file, which is a URL list of your website pages and the XML Sitemap Generator will provide you with an Sitemap XML file that you can upload into the root folder of your website.

Professional Website Submissions

There are many online companies that offer search engine submission services, and you want to hire a company like us who will provide manual submissions as part of our Search Engine Optimization Packages. If you choose to do it yourself, bare in mind that some submissions come with a fee, but overall take your time with the submission, and be sure not to use any automatic submission services.

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