Using Target Keywords In The Website Title Tag

It is recommended to use your target keywords in the website title tag. The title tag is different from a Meta tag, and it is definitely worth considering using it in relation to your website or page content. Whatever text one might place in the title tag, which is the tags and portions found in the head section of your website. The actual text you may use in the title tag should be relevant to the content of the page itself, and is one of the most important factors on how the search engines may decide the rank or placement of your web page.

All major search engine web crawlers will use the text from your title tag, as the title text they place in search listings for your individual website page listings. The website page title will also appear within the title bar of web browsers when users view the web page.

Individual Page Title Tags

If you have designed your website where it allows one to create multiple pages, you must bear in mind that every page of your website must be Optimized For Search Engines. The title tag of each page should have the target keyword most relevant to the page content, or a keyword you are aiming to reach a target audience with. The target keywords you use on any one page along with the phrases you use in the content will draw traffic to your site, and these are generally what your website is about with the type of audience you want to attract. You also want individual page title tags unique to one another, with no duplicate title tags anywhere on your website and this goes for descriptions also.

The unique combination of these key words and key phrases, is the web page content will reach customers who use different search engine terms or search string queries. You can capture many keywords and key phrases for your products, service or any page relating to a specific subject.

Title Tag With Target Keywords

The most common mistake made by new web-masters or small business owners when they first develop their website is to place the business name or website name in every title of every website page, and you are better off having a target keyword in it’s place. One page which is generally uses the business name in the title is a company page or the about us page.

While you may want your business name in the title of your website home page, it is more of a waste of valuable keyword space to be placing it in the title tag of every page on your website. By considering the placement of your target keywords within the title of the page, will help display your page closer to the top of search engine listings for that specific keyword. Dedicating the first three positions in the title to your target keywords, while trying to avoid stop words like ‘and’ or ‘at’ and the like is crucial toward improved search engine optimization and placement in search engines.

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