What Is SEO?

You may be wondering or even asking what is SEO, which might be why you’re here, and it stands for search engine optimization. As this may suggest, it’s all about making sure your website or blog can be found and is easily accessible to not only search engines, but also potential customers who maybe searching for your products or service.

When people look to search engines for anything they might be looking for, they will type in a few words before the search brings back relevant results to those words, and as long as it has a “keyword” then they may find it. If they are not satisfied with the results on the pages upon scrolling through and moving on to the next, they then will most likely try another search string query until they find the intended search result. As an example, they may type in “local pet stores”, but this is not location specific, so are best to search with a specific location in mind along with “pet stores”. The owners of these pet stores in this location which is being searched upon, will be hoping to have their Websites Fully Optimized with their business location so they receive a potential website visit from this person searching in the search engine.

Are Good SEO Practices Important?

In many cases, people using search engines, will generally only go as far as page three before they try another search, and the websites with solid optimization appearing closer to the top of page one is more likely to get the visit from this potential customer. The main goal with SEO, is working to ensure your website appears as close to the top of the search results for any given phrase or search string query as possible. Obviously the phrase is different for each business niche, the products you’re selling or the services you may offer or provide. However, with good SEO practices, looking at your website down to the specific key words which are relevant to your business and these are what people will type into the likes of Google to try and find all you have to offer. The key to search engine optimization, is to ensure that you have consistency from the meta tags right through onto the viewable content on your websites public pages.

As a website owner in a large metropolitan area, there could possibly be hundreds of websites coming up in search results under any one location, and if this is the case, then you may want to include your immediate local area or suburb within your meta information and definitely within the content of your websites home page. SEO is ultimately a battle to make it onto the first page, these websites which are closer to page one may have the upper hand in finding new customers with those further down the ranks potentially struggling to find new business in this day and age. It’s the difference between make or break, but if you have the successes with people finding your website, then SEO can be the difference between success or failure in business. Check here to see if your website has it’s basic meta tags.

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